NO-NOS! When you post

social media 5When you post you got to be creative, unique, audacious, funny, but don’t get too excited. There are some big no-nos, things you should never say online. You have an important image to maintain and what goes live goes live and will haunt you forever, good or bad!

Never post:

  1. Religious or political topics

If you intend to seriously hurt your reputation an infuriate people that´s the two topics you can never go wrong with.

  1. Daily Selfies

Be personal. Yes, that´s right but not to the extreme. You have a professional image to maintain, so don´t show any narcissistic streaks.

  1. Long rants

If you love them, write them and pass them on to a really good friend who has time to read them. This gets very annoying once you start repeating yourself, something quite frequent with rants.

  1. Deleting posts

If you want people to hate you, then publish a post, especially one of those long ones, and a few days later delete it because you didn’t like it. There is this one person who for whatever reason wants to reread it and that person will really doom you.

  1. Auto-posts from Twitter

Great to sync your Facebook account with Twitter, but having your Twitter synced to your Facebook gets annoying. What’s on Twitter is meant to be on Twitter as that’s where it belongs and where one does tweet, retweet and mention a witty observation every 5 minutes.

Always helpful to think twice before you post.


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