Piles of plastic are a common sight in poorer areas of the world. David Katz, a Canadian entrepreneur, came up with an interesting solution. Starting April 2014 plastic will be a “currency” in Peru. It will help cleaning the environment and the poor will get a chance to get food, clothing, basic commodity and micro/finance loans at the exchange of plastic. The first plastic bank is born. The plastic is shipped to an unnamed corporation that will reuse the material. People hopefully will reveal the value in the things around us and the project is supposed to educate people and improve their lives. Through education people might also develop their own entrepreneurial edge to reuse the garbage in innovative ways. Due to the current crisis citizens in many south European countries have started to pick up garbage, restore all kinds of  treasures, give them new value and sell them on flea markets. Whatever has no more value to you can get somebody else a meal for the day. Don’t destroy old stuff, just place it neatly next to a garbage can and within less than 3 minutes, it will have a new owner.


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