social-media-bandwagonSocial Media realizes a dream companies worldwide will probably never even get close to: Increase customer volume in a short time span:

2005 only 5% of internet users got involved with Social Media, thereof 8% adults – 2012 81% and thereof 72% adults.

2005 1% of people over 60 were active Social Media users – 2012 43%.

On a global basis Facebook takes the top spot in front of Twitter and Google+, especially in South Africa.

Last year Pinterest had the highest growth rate with 88%, followed by Tumblr, 74%, Twitter lost -7.6%.

Active online users spend more than ¼ of their online time on Social Media and Faceboo’s average monthly usage is 8.3 hours.

75% of Facebook users access through their mobile devices.

On September 14th Facebook got his 1 billionth user and still growing.

2013 astronauts tweeted from the International Space Station.

People access social networks from just about anywhere: most common place, 44% from bed and the lowest access rate with 6% gets the toilet.

Twitter bought more than 30 startups and one of them is Vine, a video share app.

Getting more and more popular: Snapchat: a photo share app.

Instant messaging  favorite: Whatsapp.

Most expensive acquisitions: Facebook paid 1 billion $ for Instagram and Twitter 1.1 billion for Tumblr.

Biggest photo sharing site: Flickr with 87 million users and 8 billion images. Owned by Yahoo.

Top Teen alternatives: Wanelo, Snapchat, KIK and 4 chan.

Social Media gives people what they want that explains this incredible success. Why doesn’t your company give people what they want?


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